Swallowfield’s response to Covid-19


Swallowfield has put a dedicated response plan in place for Covid-19. These measures which are in place when we can receive guests will include (please note we have acquired all of the equipment specified) :

Scanning staff for the virus when they arrive for work at the start of the day using non-touch forehead thermometers, and asking a set of relevant questions relating to possible symptoms.

A register is signed on a daily basis to ensure that this step is undertaken;

Providing staff with two pairs of face masks, sanitiser and washing facilities with liquid soap;

Moreover, providing, staff who clean the self catering units with disposable gloves, shoe covers and aprons.

The units are sprayed with germicide, including counters, the fridge, cutlery and crockery. and the baths, basins and toilets disinfected with bleach. Toilet levers and taps are sprayed with germicide;

Similarly keys, door handles, light switches and window handles. A register of this and the above will be maintained;

The principle of social distancing is applied. No self catering-unit is located less than 300 metres from each other. This is similarly the case with braai facilities.

Guests are provided with germicide, hand sanitiser and liquid soap;

Guests are requested to spray their luggage with germicide or sanitiser when they arrive;

Guests are scanned when they arrive with a non-contact forehead thermometer. A special form will also need to be completed. The person conducting the welcome does a self-scan in front of the guests. This process is to reassure them that such a person does not have a fever. Guests will be requested to wear masks when they are about to come in contact with staff or when visiting tourist attractions, supermarkets and restaurants. Guests will also be asked to be scanned with a non-contact thermometer for their benefit daily. A register will be kept of this activity.

Oxygen bleach is added to our linen washes. Our laundry areas sprayed with germicide daily and laundry handled with gloves and with workers wearing disposable aprons. Workers wear disposable aprons and shoe covers in laundry areas. A register is kept of this activity. Soiled laundry is placed in disposable bags before being moved to the laundry area. These bags are sprayed with sanitiser. Clean laundry will be placed in new disposable bags.